“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

How you feel emotionally is just as important as how you feel physically.  Anxieties, Fears, Shame, Guilt, Stress, Pain are highly affecting the health of your Body, Mind and Soul.
Higher self esteem, confidence, awareness, goal setting, developing personal strategies and success are the ingredients to thrive and overcome your obstacles and find happiness in the journey of life. When faced with all our life challenges, undergoing treatment, changing a habit, starting a new career, or caring for a sick loved one, we can often feel overwhelmed and stressed.


Holistic Mind Body Coaching is the approach that puts you at the center of care and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and environmental ingredients that affect health.

My integrative program utilizes different holistic interventions from an array of scientific disciplines to promote healing, coping, and relaxation. My individualized program can include guided imagery, meditation, EFT, sound healing, energy healing, art release technique, aromatherapy,

 — all designed to complement holistic health and a happy life.

I am a guide, I pick you up where you are and help direct you to a healthy happy and fulfilled life. Let´s create and find  your goals together, to take care of  your obstacles. I use all my tools to support, guide, and accompany you on your personal journey to happiness.


There are different kind of Healing Sessions starting with an Initial Healing Session:

In your initial session - which takes places just once, is when I will ask you questions about your health, concern areas, fears and questions related to your daily life. These questions vary based on what I observe about you and help me get a better feel how to support you moving forward.
They help me trying to get deeper understanding about your situation and suggesting ways that you can employ to heal yourself.


Almost all of our obstacles are caused by situations that we experienced in the past, living in our subconsciousness, these are our automated programs and patterns. 88 % of our mind are subconscious processes, controlling how we reacted to the outside world, energies around us, and how we attract things or see them.  Guided Imagery is a powerful tool to utilize creating new processes and activating the power to heal ourselves simply with healing our mind and attracting the right energy. 

12 % is made up of our conscious mind our ability to make choices, making the conscious choice to change is the first step starting your journey to a new YOU. 

I invite you to join me as a Team creating new pathways and supporting your own growth towards a happy and healthy life.  Book your initial session and see what it is like and how we can create abundance, relaxation, calm and joy.