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What is Kappasinian Hypnotherapy?

The public considers hypnotherapy to be “woo-woo” mainly because most demonstrations celebrate the dominance of the “operator.” The “subject” seems to surrender control – something that only the lone, unimportant or urgent would tolerate.

As a student from the HMI College of Hypnotherapy I am trained in methods that ensure clients understand and participate fully in their behavioral development. 

The founder, Dr. John Kappas, actually proposed California’s legal scope for hypnotherapy: “vocational and avocational self-improvement.” For people able to set and pursue goals (i.e. – those without clinical psychological disorders), Kappasinian hypnotherapy has deep and diverse methods for addressing the entire scope of problematic and self-limiting behaviors. Even more, clients will receive a basic, common-sense understanding of personal behavior and development. Given in non-technical language, it is an understanding that they can carry forward into the rest of their lives.

If you have been considering hypnotherapy, look for an HMI graduate in your area, or contact me for a well versed Zoom Session. You’ll not just find your behavior corrected, you’ll find yourself empowered to step confidently into a more fulfilling future.


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