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I Am.


Anna Katharina Maria Hayes

Thoughts over my full name:


My full name is 


Anna Katharina Maria Hayes


My mom constructed the short version 




The word Beginning is “Anfang” in German. For her I was a new beginning so significant that she choose to use many A' s in my name just like the beginning letter in the German word Beginning (Anfang)

The reason why I have many A’s in my name. I never put much significance into it until I had a conversation with her about my name while I was creating this Website for my business.


I AM the Beginning-

of Hope

of Dreams

of Unconditional Love

of Forgiveness 

of Change

of Thought

of Inspiration

of Silence

of Healing

of Awareness

of Transformation


For many people who have crossed my path and accepted me as their guide on their own journey towards healing their Body, Mind and Soul.

Let me invite you to be your guide in your

personal healing journey finding your “I Am”


In my Beginning was a lot of pain, loneliness, trauma, deep thoughts, heartache, dead ends, uncontrollable outside forces, rejection, tears, fears, anxiety, shame and guilt, but also strong influences of deep thinkers,


connecting me with my inner strength, deeper meanings of life, basic principles of right and wrong, teachers, mentors, guides supporting me to understand.


Today I am grateful for every person that has crossed my life’s journey, influencing me to understand my purpose and role in this world.


Let me be your Guide, Mentor, Teacher in your Journey towards your Beginning of your “I Am”.

I am originally from Germany, from where I have been influenced by great teachers like Erich Fromm, Elisabeth Kübler Ross, and Carl Gustav Jung. Coming to the USA has been a part of my inward journey to discover my life purpose, of being a healer and coach to myself and to others. While here in the USA, I expanded my practices at the Southern New Hampshire University (Psychology), American College of Healthcare Science, The Herbal Academy,  Healing Hands School of Holistic Health, Natural Health Institute and added my clinical Hypnosis education at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI).

I am committed  being of service to others by offering Mind Body Coaching. I am available for guidance and coaching through ZOOM  sessions, retreats, in blogs and workshops.